Friday, July 18, 2014

The Meso Harmonic

Maybe we don't need the microscope
Nope, too small to poke
      The dead thing with a stick
Maybe we don't need the skycraper
Papers are always saying
      Empires come tumbling down
But what we need is a working love
To drive our industry for competent markets
In a competitive world with a sustainable love.

Man can climb a mountain with no legs
And tame the wildest tree
Our cats and owls protect the garden
While our lives simplify me.
The smoke has escaped the electronics
Moore's law breaks down
While Colossus at the harbor
Has long fell into frown

Maybe our problem isn't the robots
Maybe our stars aren't the cross.
Perhaps illusion spells the disconnection
With Karma splitting good from dross

And on a human scale of things
Love makes the world go round
Take stock in what you need
For we can feed from sustainable Upcycles
      Beyond Outrage of climatic changes.

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