Saturday, July 12, 2014

Of Helios And The Stench of Propane

A scavenger hunt awaits in the forest
Teams compete for their list of necessities
But sadly, we might starve anyway
As a bear starves, constantly hungry
Eating bark if it comes to it, ahh
A fresh hearty meal of tree stumps!
The garden has a fence out back, but birds eat that
An the spirit of the wolf is not a so very distant one
No, that is the simplicity and truth itself
Purviewed but briefly as a plumbing drop
Of a pinecone from a treetop
Or pipework in the dark's backdrop
Of some circuitry and wizardry
Keeping fresh the fountain and spring

The birds patrol today the skies and morning
Organizing the days quest to quench the fires of bellies
They burn bright, and speak of opportunity
And chattering, the quest remains unyielded to fill their stomach
On the flesh of berries and insects.
Ah, but re-evolution that can eat plants!  Or just eat the sun for fuel...

In everycase we are humbled to a simpler life
And one perhaps as hearty as spying moose,
Whom says to hell with the scavenger hunt
Both simple or competitive.  Let us sometime branch
Deep into hell, so our boughs may reach heaven
Then we would eat sunlight, then we would live
A bit slower, yes, but at least given time to think
Ah yes, but it's been a scavenger hunt the whole time!

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