Sunday, February 1, 2015

One... Morning

The World
The Blessed World of Eternity
With blue pines and silent peace of a Sunday Morning
Still and calm after the persecution
With whole realms and reams of confusion
Latent and conflated into each other
Like big pool with reeds climbing into still air

Kissed by the winds remembrance, but it too at peace.

There is a place where the rocks talk and pines scrape
At the edge of your mind
Where infinite sight greets eye
And the biting snow lets you know your alive.
Some sit out and fish in it.
Some journey by it only to glimpse with eyes on road
It is real seeing to see the world around you
Right seeing to feel the uncloyed softness naked and juicing into life
Through rock and pine, sticks and snow, space and time, and squirrel.
Makes me smart back into existence
With the pretension gone that I do not live
While having fooled no one... maybe that's the trick.

If I could but keep still longer and let it fill me.

But I'm richer than I admit.  And so heaven heeds me not.
Says 'Oh look you, you got what you want.' and wanders away.
Leaves me wondering how many worlds today
are interleaved, and how many of them are real;
And which one will take me to core of galaxy's heart.

Ahh, but to travel innerspace is all that is left.

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