Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Companion of Time

Mystery hides in her eyelashes
She smiles and proclaims joy
Her laugh sweet, Her rebuke sobering
And her phone call an unsung miracle

Won't her love ever come croon
Won't her spirit ever soar with mine
If but coffee, or tea, or beer were shared
But she counts to 1 with nervousness
And two is a swear-word in polite company
Three adds up her sins every night before bathing
For the world is going to shit, so why join in.

Secretly in some closet off-world in galactic space
She can rejoice and revel in creation
Here, not so much
Here is: puppy dogs and craft stuff,
Convivial conversation and batted eyes.
With a camouflage streak as wide as the moon,
And a knife to take your ring finger.
Don't smile her way unless she's smiling, huhh.
That's always been women, though, no?
Keep you at arms length till they can crush you unnoticed.
Dip their toes for hours then strip and jump in.
I've seen them do it time and again.
I've seen them do it and like it.

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