Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We win
But we only really win with each other
All who survive get the prize
For this isn't a game that's sharply defined
This is the World, this is us, this Life
and no man/woman is an island

This is counter-intuitive, but real as real gets
We only win with and through each other
For we aren't playing to survive
We are fighting to survive and for others, too
People like us, people like you and me, to survive and thrive
So don't give in to the voices
It may be they're spirits and/or avatars of the Gods, even
Or the voices of friends or family or people we've shared with.
Our place is to Live, Laugh, Learn, and Love
I think voices are but intuition, depending...

Depending on our imagination to be real...
Which is our greatest strength as well
                                 as weakness
So don't give up fighting alongside,
All who survive get the prize, All who survive Win
And all who win thrive
                      My advice, don't starve.

 You are a winner in your own way,
 This world is your world you were born into.
 There's place for you, too
 There's place for me as well
 And if we Will Learn Resiliency?
 Then they will GIVE US success!

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