Monday, February 2, 2015

Confusion in a Room With a View

A last piece
There is only the last piece
And it is not there on the table
Or it's under the table
Or it is missing
Or someone took it...
Or it needs to be cut out of the box
But they won't give me scissors
They won't give me a pencil to draw it
And I'm cold and the coffee is shit
I'm taking up the table, the whole table
And someone probably needs to use it
Why, where is that last piece
God is telling me something about myself
It's not here in the carpet
Is it in the box, under a table leg?
Did it roll away?  All done except for that last piece.
Where is it?  Hmmm.
If maybe I just reach over here it will appear
And pretending to place it in, there.
All Done
Man I dislike puzzles,
There's always a piece missing around here.
And probably on purpose.

When can I go for a walk.
I want some real coffee
Think I'll watch the cars out the window.
And listen to their vibes, the red ones
The blue ones, the yellow bus goes round and round.
I wonder if the piece is under the radiator.
Why don't they make puzzles with all the pieces?
God's saying nobodies perfect.
There's the piece, under the radiator.
Damn, wrong puzzle, but it fits.
I'll make it fit.  Damnit it all.
Man I dislike puzzles
There's always a piece missing
And probably on purpose.

Maybe the puzzle broke.
Maybe the piece broke
And when it did created a vacuum space
Now everything is getting sucked in
Oh my God, that's why I'm here
I gotta find that piece and plug the hole!
The whole world is going to end!!
Shit, it's all over.
We're all dead...

This sucks.
Where is that piece?
I'm screwed, everyone is going to know it's my fault.
I gotta find that piece.
Dammit, every puzzle in this place probably has a piece missing.
What does it mean? Why's everyone dead? Who broke the piece?
Why doesn't anyone care?  It's all over, now.
Man if it weren't for the creamer and sugar,
This coffee wouldn't taste like anything.
I'm never getting off code red if I can't find that piece.

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