Saturday, February 7, 2015

Word of Jupiter

Word is
Is a game

The rising wanderer is a game
And unless that's how you're paid
The hype doesn't matter
The spin, the orbit
The light it shines is not it's own

The light you shine is yours
Your witness, your deeds, your thoughts
And that's what turns the world through love

But light is from heaven
All crowning glory And food of greener people

Because the reality is
Drama is hype, spin, magnetized life or electric hype
The life you want to live is your own
The people you want are your friends and family
And the God you want to worship isn't Chronus

For Nature accomplishes everything, while it does nothing.
Conundrum?  Maybe that's your attitude greeting.
Discard and be at peace; feel the edges of your breath

Your pounding pulse is the pulse of life
Connected to everything and their ways that too pulse with the breath of life.
But the icon, the totem, is a game and an exit towards hell.

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