Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Where I Live

It rained last night
Rained from a height unseen and unfathomed but in dream
And today the sky hugs the trees
The clouds play with the birds perch

And the chickadee and flicker and turkey call out
Or the fir and pine and hemlock watch quietly
While the mountains and river and road stand sentinel
Before the spring and summer and fall aggrandize time
Below the battle for love and neverending story and part II narrate lives
Behind the rational and orderly and peaceful struggles
Upon our feelings and thoughts and wise mind making us.

I am what I make
Or I am what I love
Or I am what I do
Or I am what I think
Or I am what I wish
Or I am what I eat
Or I am what I fight
Or I am where I live

And to really live a great life takes inspiration
Which is but to find or create: meaning and purpose
For yourself... for others...
           so I share... and I'll keep on sharing
With myself or you in mind, too!
For others have shared with me as well
Their faith, their hope, and their love
That extends my hand to you.

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