Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Place in Time

These colors, these scents coded into the letter seal
These roses, these petals peeling give to reveal
Wherefore their history deals in attraction
A magnification of spirit, perhaps
For instance the yellow excitation of friendship
Such us lemongrass that zings quickly like conversation

Can we train this relationship to grow as vine
Up cantankerous alcove to flow with berry
A berry for press when needed
Like coveted love letter sealed with red
Or jasmine tea?  Maybe

Maybe we could train vine to grow scented hop
Or stopper up some geosmin from rainstorm mop
For heady brew to recall Earth, too
When we feel hectic through and through

Often we do with our power fobs, our perfume, our cars too
Wherein we need some pickup we apply footprint to suit our moods
Or flat out need to pass through adversity

Our perfume works to work well, Cologne for men
But when we need boost of attitude.. is used, again
And power fobs daily worn or jewelry seems vanity
But can train vines in mind to bring recollection times when all was well and cool
What suits?  What clothes?  What type of brew, perfume or hops or color garden do you?

Some colors, some aromas
Some flavors, some touch
Some sounds, some thoughts
Some warm, some cold, some hot
Perhaps spacey, perhaps grounded,
Maybe spicey, maybe cool

Wizened birds knew

Some soft, some bold
Perhaps easy, perhaps easy too could do me
I once knew the name of rain mopped up in breeze blowing through.
Maybe geosmin might be my aromatherapy and color rooting.
Maybe earth would return to healing my savage brain.
For vine to grow and fruit the trained form
And return the world to us whom skies open upon
Like pelting rain and sunshine in open air places.

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