Thursday, March 10, 2016

Popular Hot Water

If chlorinated water saved us from disease
Showers got us pregnant, they get me clean
They get our bodies to squeeking sheen
For no bad smells when licking armpits
And rubbing all those elbows together

Whether big brass bulb
Or energy saver
There's a shower head
For any consumer

There's red ones, white ones, blue ones and more
Right there at your discount hardware store
No more will you bath only once or twice
But seven times as likely in pair of dice
For all your opportunity to body flop

Statistically you know I'm right
If people are love making twice a night
More babies are brought by stork
All from showerheads bought at store.
It being, no longer... a couple's chore.

So get laid, buy a showerhead today!
You'll get more play than perfumed body spray...

-brought to you by Little Sherwood Publishing-

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