Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Have You Got a Toolbox, Handy?

The weather is broken again today,
I saw a Robin in my front yard.
It's March 1st and it is also snowing moderately
Onto the bare and greening ground.

There's talk of spraying ocean water into the air,
Increase cloud albedo to redirect solar rays.
That's a pill.
There's talk of spraying sulfides with jet planes
To again increase albedo to redirect solar rays.
That's such a pill.
There's talk of pumping CO2 underground
Extracting the greenhouse gas, while we're burning it.
That's a pill.
There's talk of more geoengineering to help us.
Those are all pills, in a concrete world of dirty-energy.

Some would take a pill...
Some would go underground locked up for an eternity.
Some would get on ship and sail around with no port.
Some would ride the lightning to see where it leads.
Some would have medical procedures to breath again.
Some would cease all production.

There's a whole lot more we can do than Hope for a cure...
If you're willing to listen_______to_pills_______________.
I predicate this because it's real, really here, really now for the last 20 years
In a world, Mental!... social!.. physical..! spiritual.!. and emotional.
Because this is forever, FORE_ever, frrever, ForEver beautifully broken weather
In this new era of the Anthrocene and Anthropogenic Global Weather Changing
And with my pill, We can exercise caution, because is a pill going to fix this? Hasn't!
Won't, ain't going to, already broken, we're through

"Throw your plan out the window and take your pill, Son,
And nothing matters now except what you got in your toolbox of recovery..."
Those things physical that help you through
Such as Solar, Fusion, Renewable, Redesigning, Regeneration
Those things social that help you through
Such as Schooling, Internet, Friends, Family, Work
Those things to mentally help you through
Coffee, pills, more Coffee, more pills, MILK and sometimes Beer
Those things to emotionally help you through
Climate Change Anonymous, voting for Bernie Sanders
Those things spiritually to help us survive.
Humour, Nature, Connections, Facebook, Spirits
....those things to help us survive.

Because that's who we are, we're survivors
from being locked up, from having no port to sail to
From already riding the lightning, from having surgeries.
And that ain't cured nobody of Death and Taxes, yet.
And a pill won't cure your hyper-tension neither.

Think about your toolbox, ya only got one wrench?
Ya only got one screwdriver!?!
Hell, ya probably don't even have one problem.

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