Saturday, March 26, 2016

Flexed Your Digiphlex

I threw time against my OEM rebranded modem
It bounced and died by an obfuscated fork bomb
And as I poked and prodded source code kernel tree
As I looked up manpages and commands for cross-compiling,
The digital see looked back, if there is an electric one
Like there is a spiritual sea of space and time
That which I source intuitively to generate force.
It seems a last resort...
           to throw time, but it's that or toss crap.
I'm horrible at selling stuff to my friends,
And have only made pennies from busier people.

I remember when I first installed SuSe, the green screen,
The yellow, green, white commands that were programs and files
Plus the hidden ones of basic functionality
In that secret snuggling night the whole world slept dreaming forgotten
That was coming back and wrapping warm arms around my dreads.
The cursor blinked and suddenly I could scroll the infinite window of desktop
The cursor blinked and suddenly, I was dumbfounded at how stupid I was.

Basic literacy was no longer mine, I was lost, coudn't mount drives.
I might have called tech support to ask how to mount a floppy!
And so Diskworld came back with a primer undaunted at having been locked up
In the tiny box that I released from homebrewed computer and companion manual.

Basic literacy must include computer code hacking, plugging and playing... networking
There's nothing like opening worlds... by being able to read and write
We mustn't forget that beauty is skin deep and shallow like a point and click or finger swipe
Might apple and microsoft then be a new slavery through ignorance?
Or maybe next week we're cruzing to the zombie apocalypse...

Quite the opening going on by internets with your digiphlex.
Point and click, command and conquer.. but that's skin deep oh click master
Much of the world wide web is because... how does one pour the sky through a tube..
                                                         ...and would you know if you did?

Perhaps it's a bit like the sage old question, "How does one feed and defend their children if one can't feed and defend themself?"
We all seem to struggle with these questions of sky and earth,
                                                                      and the answer is, "by being kind"
or to paraphrase Jesus of Nazareth....
                       ...."Don't be an Asshole"
or to paraphrase Mad Max...
                       ...."We must try to be our best selves"

for we're all a bit ignorant, we all have glass windows in our home
in a world that just loves to play games with other people for retribution and satisfaction...

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