Thursday, March 24, 2016

New World, wtfn order!?

Ramundo Arruda Sobrinho might say if I had a Bieber moment..
If I had a take...
They aren't worth the burnout

If I were me, I'd say wtf
Then I'd say what the fuck. No.
I'm not doing those shows, I'd crack

I'm no machine
We're mystery

you me have seen the last of the mr. bieeber
Purpose or no while everyone is frelling in a U.F.O
close to 80 shows in 8 months, no no no no no

but you signed up and sold shows, so...
go home if you dare, if you can
it's not if but when
they get a piece of your soul and drag you down the well
those middlemen and middlebroker statician snakes that know
the fiction of placenta.. the fiction of conflated boxes..
The fiction of statistics and profit margins for corollary products.

Oh, look my bieber doll.

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