Friday, March 25, 2016

Julian Victory

people are afraid of change
change is caused by chaos
and change is therefore unpredictable
so nothing changes because people are afraid

In the rats eye I see a tree sprouting
pushing this way and that, I see a bird doubting.. black
I see a rock up.  I see dust down.

In the mountain, I see it lifted up
And similar topography deepened

In politics, I see people voting
And similar gerrymeandering reinforced

In business, I see more advertising
And richer getting richer

Grieve not for the vampire, he's dust.. now.. the best part
The evil banished, the good of us remain.. vampire, or not
And this dirt.. this grime nourishes the squash the gourd
The zucchini and the cucumber for worlds around.

The tree burned leaves ash from combustion of hell
The garbage composted leaves food for worm.
Leaves food.
Leaves. grows. leafs out
Leafs out and grows more leafing for springs shroud.. springs cracking
Springs cracking of shroud of winter's death veil
Green abounds and mates with the sunlight to bring about life...

from the ashes of vampires...  from the ashes of Worlds and worms, too...

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