Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Sad day of April

Writing prompt Kat Lawrence
"I'm taking a Mulligan"

My friend calls, his Mom, "He needs a friend"
"come out, come to school and visit me," I say,
"Come over, and visit.. forget straight A's.."
"I was a B average, and this is Ivy League!"

So we pal around the campus, he comes to class
Sees the teeger, the dave, the amorphous grave known as the rock
We sneek over and paint it something blue, just cause.. you know
He spends a week, we find a house party.. he gets laid maybe

Fuck school I remember saying in my head
And it happened for me, it happened
And we find a place to be happy in
Where backbiters do not find our dread to mulch

He spends a week, and forgets his friends' drama
And gets his game on, reading on weekends
Video games on weekdays
And puts his life together by visiting more schools
And goes, goes, goes to the moon

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