Sunday, April 9, 2017

Like and Dislikes

I prefer making.
I prefer honest words.
I prefer being unhassled.
I prefer new places.
I prefer sleeping under the stars.
I prefer people whom smile with you.
I prefer talking with me than at me or about me.
I prefer audience participation.
I prefer seeing everything as much as I can.
I prefer seeing the planet from outerspace.
I prefer walking a short distance.
I prefer homebrewed beer from a bucket to something
from a can.
I prefer relaxing music to relieve stress.
I prefer dancing to just sitting and watching a band.
I prefer group discussions.
I prefer union made products to made in america.
I prefer simple illustrations.
I prefer artistic renditions to a photograph.
I prefer imaginative discussions about devices
that don't even exist or probably don't.
I prefer electric labor-saving devices.
I prefer going to the moon when the only
option is sitting at home on the couch.
I prefer light conversations to discussing
everything that's happened to me today.
I prefer watching fish during waking hours
where I'm not at work making someone else rich.
I prefer options and benefits in friendships and jobs.
I prefer a woodstove to propane cans or open fireplace.
I prefer using as few bullets as possible when I go hunting
or fishing or camping or hiking.
I prefer buying myself flowers or finding my own.
I prefer having more than one pet.
I prefer long beaches.
I prefer glow-in-the-dark colors.
I prefer cool ponds.
I prefer science fiction books that are super weird.
I prefer keeping in mind the world doesn't revolve around me.
I prefer to stay home on Friday the 13th.
I prefer the point of life is happiness.
I prefer the point of happiness is funnage.
I prefer people to look at me if they're talking to me.
I prefer remembering the departed often to specific occasions.
I prefer to keep my life private as I would my religion.
I prefer carrying my own bag and other people carrying theirs.
I prefer holidays that can be celebrated for a week.
I prefer hardwood floors to tile or carpet.
I prefer poems that don't talk on only about what a person feels
but play with some kind of modeled thinking.
I prefer open windows when I'm feeling sick or bored or whenever.

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