Saturday, April 8, 2017

Redesign Renew Regenerate

We had no idea when the world fell...
That money itself was a convenience.
I mean, not having it, was always a problem..
But having it worth nothing.. sucked worse.
And wanting it my whole life, and now
Having a cool million, but unable to buy a cup of coffee.

We had no idea.

The women's league want soap, among other things...
But that's the biggie, they want the hunters to render fat
To make soap.
The hunters league want arrows, among other things...
But that's the biggie, that and fishing line or any wire..
To catch game.
The techies league want panels, among other things...
But that is the biggie, that and copper line...
To run electronics.
The mechanics want batteries
The farmers want manure,
The ranchers want feed...
The loggers want gasoline, good luck with that.

And it's ALL little things
The kinds of things you think, of course.. 20 bucks.
Nobody cares they aren't driving a Rolls Royce
We care we don't have juice to check our email
Or gasoline to get to the P.O. or P.X.
We don't care about your chainlink watch!
We'd rather have 5 clean diapers for our kid
But without soap or money being any good
We gotta wash that in the river without any.
We care about having to boil every ounce of water to drink.
We care, we care about you, and being unable to help.

Too big to fail?  It's a house of cards!
With a tiny million staples missing...
We're talking no olive oil, no salt
You ran out of it yesterday
And you're staring at a pile of beans, wondering...
Do I eat them or starve until they grow.

Why, why me?
Did I cause famine?
And with it came war, disease, and death
Or maybe disease came first,
Or maybe war came first,
But I digress
A regular house of cards with a million staples missing.
Just little things, like Soap!

And I, finishing my first bowl of stone soup,
Lest we work less, earn less, consume less
spend more quality time with our families
And buy less crap. 

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