Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ardour in the Arbory Writing prompt- day 5
"Write about nature"

A little simpler than shrubbery and one gets grass
A little hardier than brush and one gets trees

The shrub grubs and grabs onto rock and water
Grows thick along the bank, and thickly blocks an ankle
Saying "You Shall Not Pass," but threading one can...
Though a thorn or two might catch, leaving argument in shreds.

The rose is a bush whom likes to preen in the  summer sun
Disclosing and disrobing it's pleasurable treasures over and again.
And roses can grow quite tall, if properly mended and cared for
With hips aplenty come Fall, and in a comfortable bed.

The alder is a curious example, growing catkins shoulder height
As a tree grows mightily, or as cousin bush.. strong and wide
Likes the road, the byways, the waterways, the places people tread
Makes a good companion for hikers, and the elderly.. a friend.

Many bushes...  Some are trimm, But some are brush, and other.. really trees
The variation is astounding that one can plant around with ease
And easy going, as plants go, having a woody stem
And most any tree will grow bushy, if but above, then below them.

Most the bushes I know are pleasant enough to greet
There's the stem from the Mountain Spray, And memories from the Alder tree
My Dad loves the Roses, for the smiles they always bring
And I love the Huckleberry for the sweet and sour treats.

Yes, it's a love affair, mainly the wilding bush...
Unseen beneath could be hiding, maybe something plush.
So, be careful when placing foot, or something you might crush.
The shady places are home to denizens sometimes, keeping cool and fresh

Many was there a time when without friend or home
I'd lie down, and dream of peace.. beneath the green and shrub...
From the phrase of lying low, in apartments one is standing up.
I'd sleep beneath the stars, beneath the stars and bush
And I'd dream about the world, and what it means to be.
(Maybe, that's why Holly.. is so popular back East)

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