Monday, April 3, 2017

What Qiameth Drives Us

Prompt Mike Welch- PSH
"use 10 random words and revise"

Toogit, or not toogit
Whether it is better to upgrade
Or preserve what we hold dear...
Novanoids everywhere answer, This question
Toogit while gettings good, but then.. Nova!

The Nekmits and Yinydds in hyslerium will burn the cities
And the country, as country folk go.. will go..
Just as the rain comes and goes,
Just as today's earthquake and tomorrow's peace.
And all dropperclears pick themselves up and invent.

It's the way of the world staid mundane, then hysleria
One day palace then next day mountain... of rubble
If the grain silos could be made bulletproof, I wouldn't have to be,
For who can fight with a full belly, and lots of food, folks, and fun.

Esuypicly, the Four Horseman crawled away
   ..unseen with good harvest..
The bad dreams turned good, and good dreams lulled forgetfulness.
Esuypicly speaking, plague and pestilence
   ..hold in hand nothing against a full silo, and a fuller larden
And all the worlds hunger, is a global debt owed to itself.
Nanoarrowicly, Peace today if we grow food!

Health tomorrow if we grow peace!

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