Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Lasting Health- poetry prompt by Emily Vieweg

And just to indicate how bad the situation is with the various polls...
They asked a wicked senescent vulture for her opinion, in turn.
Granted she's more concerned with watching and air-fares
but is considered a sage in watching the world pass
But I suspect she hated starving intermittently

And personally had written me off as too spirited.
So when the bird colonels turned to her..
Was frankly shocked that I might qualify.
I however rated, and so the cry went up, went down
Went down and up, was I purple enough, not blue but some red,

Squirrels knew better the illusion from hiding nuts...
Eagles knew better the breaking from striking their kill...
And the Ravens knew better scattering from searching for meal...
Vultures know some about everything, having eaten it.
What was I to them by woald and wolfsbane on sideline
Watching them, scattering them, breaking them, disillusioning them...
With my humanity.

Hating strife, though... isn't an option when one is on bottom,
But knowing it's bad is half-the-battle(Tm)
If I am what I eat, I'd be watching chick flics, or Oreo commercials...
But what I consume can trigger my acne or allergy...
But what I take in can pain my foot from hard hike...
The adrenaline, cortisol, and oxytocin neurochemicals...
Differing dietary needs for paprika on spoiled meat,
Or do you use thyme, I forget...

Probiotic Fish, Squirrel, Monkey, Human
And so on back-and-forth, levels rising
Multiplexural animorph, polymorph, polymath, sub-genius... Fox.

...the fox with his many tactics in winning...

Watching like vulture, and waiting like squirrel.
Hunting like wolf, evading like stag.
And wintering like bear... Always hungry.
In a world that worships crap and sex, extended metaphor,
And a sailor who can swear a blue streak, perhaps,
And a kid whom can't.

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