Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lock Me Inside Goodwill - #NaPoWriMo prompt day 9

I like second-hand clothes
The feel and smell of a good deal
The thread-bare or golden feel
The disposable trend
The full-wardrobe head
The snazzy tear in buttock's rear

I like being a bum
Getting second-hands and hand-me-downs
And saying I'm too good for that
But I like this, and having a stump to sit on...
Not sure it's worth the two dollars
or the nickel the pricetag cost.

All too often I'm posed with this or that sale
And a markup with a mark-down, plus the costs of labor
Labor in god-who-knows-where for a couple of cents
Makes me sick, not only broke, but also sick
To pay 40 dollars for a single pair of silk underwear.
Or 35 for a t-shirt I'd have to print something onto to look good.
That kinda stuff sucks, the advert outerwear.
Give me funny, give me broken-in, give me good
But above all, give me sensible.

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