Thursday, April 14, 2016

F*n Ironic

Listening to the rain
Cascade louder than fish tank or sunshine
Hides my Smile
But I have to wonder
what great adventure
Is hiding in my smile
that looks like resting dick face.
I do not see myself with my eyes
And often mirrors
Are not like the comfort of rain.
The rain soothes boredom
My mirror?
It spikes my brain
It says this is you
But ignores my chores
My family
And my dreams
It ignores me
And all 6500 Pennsylvanian bones of me
In my foot alone.
And to wit,
Doesn't see my foot at all.
The rain touches everything
The rain makes stream river and lake
And does not judge
Those that drink from it's edge
And with its thousand
Carves the world
Into a thousand years
But a mirror?
It just sits there
And tells me
I'm ugly
As a perfectly useless
Work of space.

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