Saturday, April 2, 2016

An Untaken Wish- prompt from PSH

If I could unborrow that student loan
Untake that money to go to school, immediately
Gone to community college, feasibly,
I might have kept my friends.

I didn't know going to school was going to wreck my relationships
As the road slid by, I slipped further, till I disappeared
Lost from lives, lost from time As I was subsumed into new world
And met the Irish and Africans, Italians and Romanians
I was Montana, and some kind of skinhead out of Higher Learning,
Simple and conservative, without the hate thing going...
Without the dramatic mood swings.

I didn't know you were going to press blocks on me
Tattoo my skin as flunky for making it harder than it needs to be
Then try throwing me in jail for discarding rat race
And pacing myself to real life and real hell
I didn't know we didn't have time, if we paid,
For to learn how myths or worlds work... How time is playing.

Now you learned, didn't you.. oh, school of Mine
Processing the debt, and disabling your pets so they can't wing
While enabling brains to know why to be dissatisfied
Simply like digging a whole and throwing down Ikea ladder
And if we're missing pieces because they fell farther down outtasight,
Well, one is just screwed, no to do, no hello, no how are you.

And where is the world now?  It's moved on...
Left time to play with it's tiddlywinks down hole,
And spaces play with paradigm shifts like mole,
For Worlds' only have payments for truth&beauty, anymore...
Like some Shawshank redemption escape fantasy...
Where one guy dies, while the other gets away, And the rest serve out time.

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