Wednesday, April 13, 2016

House of Gorgeous -- #NaPoWriMo prompt

Many riches are coming to you!
A bit of money, but that is a thing isn't it
Sweet music, honeyed tongues, seraphic insight...
These too make a man rich, as well as.

My heart's dream... a bit of magic..
Spandex yoga pants...  dance...  beer..
A poignant poem, movie, or speech..
A franchise with cheeses..
A lady in blue sweatshirt... and smile..
An unseen sparkle... a tinder flame...

Like fish they swim in my dreams...
They swim toward me...
And swimming in my head like a vixen
I rise to meet and greet.

And clear air makes me breath easier,
Crisp.. it invigorates bones Free
And a bit of profundity can purchase things
That bring smiles or ease
And bunny that seeks me as I chase her
Brings me coming to new outlook
And spreads life spent in love
Brings warmth to worlds
And years spinning seasons
Brings riches from beyond eternity's blind progress.

For what is this world without work and love?
A life without sunshine and diamonds...
A life without smiles..

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