Sunday, April 10, 2016

Funnily Home

The race of space rabbits in habitats
Elected this week to study humanity
Specifically our economics, with prime rates
and credit lending, and price tags..

They used their ID chip to get it
Alice kept track of this for them
But during off time, could plan advancement
Transfer, Benefit, Donate, Gift, Buy
The rabbits knew but likened this to Antiquity

Next month was the Arthurians from Gamma Sigma Green
Where people co-owned stocks or stores you'd call them
And drop-shopping was much-more-common
Cause if you sold something, one still got benefits
And sometimes sponsored, which patronage comes from.

And the month after that we would be the ant race of ePhrygia
A barbaric race that had succeeded in faster-than-light travel
But had never learned to farm an acorn, let alone lettuce,
Often drifting for long lengths of time without food or home.

So far, this rabbit was in the black
But my use of electricity keeps pushing me red
It's the stupid space heater, I know it,
What with transferring the habitat between stars
It gets cold, so cold chasing cents in outerspace...
My neighbor was complaining about this too.

But we're funnily here, where our ancestors came from!
And work is work, but I get to use the human satellite relays
To bounce and reflect bits and buts to hearts content.
I'm going to watch Roger the Rabbit with the money I earned today!
I netted a cool million hacking the Hubble Telescope, and it was play.

The Directorate wanted to know something about dust,
But personally? I think she just wanted to look for a CarrotCart on Earth,
She's always so thumpy.

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