Thursday, April 14, 2016

Imaginary Math

The music tunes my head
And I imagine
sub-ether programming
From packaged and portable
Tune and avatar wrapped in
Sub-conscious to sub-conscious
Communiqae relations
Like beta-waves
Relating proper
OCD criteria
For comfort
Of subliminal
Rightness with God.
Ain't that a Crock!?
But I do imagine
Many things
Feelings, sounds, sights
Taste and smells
My heart reacts
Yours would too I bet
Considering how already
It does to the invisible
Don't think of pineapples
Don't think of pineapples
Don't think of pineapples
And their prickly skin
Nor their sweet and sour yellow flesh

Our hearts react
And now my brain
Is trying to predict
Whether I can find a treat
In the hidden
Of my home.
I'd ask my cat
But I suspect she
Guesses sometimes
The accurate answer.
But she's right 100%
Of the time
With her companionship.
Can she read
My Mind?

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