Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Drifting Chores and Hope's Shores--- P>S>H>prompt by Maggie Westerland

I see him in me because of... humanity?
The struggles he greets, and accepts...
There was once normality, then we grew up
And greeted chaos, and coping, and loneliness..
Along with crime, ignorance, and poverty.

My kindness was nothing next to his on soapbox biz,
Relating struggles and failures, and.. his victories
It takes courage to fight, but a bigger heart to persevere
Through uncertainty... and many don't or can't.

My kindness was to listen and toss in a dollar to his hat,
But His?
His kindness was to still a rocking boat in the wind
while sighting in shores of Hope, though he is 10 miles aside of me.
And it's all aside on this great big lake of time I float.
NOT JUST FOR ME, but for all those akin to him in his concerns, probably 3.53 million...
And of those how many have a computer?
And of those how many have an internet?
And of those how many have a firewall?
And of those how many have facebook?
And of those how many love themself?
I have much to be thankful for, but +1 that today!

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